Creating A Welcome 

I am so thrilled you have come across this blog by Lemons Plus Life. Let's imagine you are coming up the steps of my front porch. You smell the aroma of freshly baked sugar cookies as we sink into two rocking chairs and wrap ourselves in plaid blankets. After the first cookie bite, we begin to envision your signature stlye of "welcome" for your home.

Creating a "Welcome" in your home involves all five senses. The two we usually forget are our sense of smell and sounds.  Christmas is an amazing time to create your signature "welcome" style, because  everything about it dazzles the senses.  

Our mantle reflects where we live.  Close to both forest and ocean, we've used white coral to decorate the mantle, with turquoise trees, large shells  and lights to illuminate gold balls and ribbons.  Remember, to create your own signature style of welcome.

A fresh cut tree provides winter's welcome aroma. Christmas candles of varying fragrances  provide the scent of  an invitation to  come in and relax. Whether you bake or not, or even have fresh cut greenery, just the different textures of our Christmas decorations, from  tree to garlands, evoke everygreen  fragrances in our minds. 

DIY Jewelry Christmas Trees

Here's a great DIY we created with evergreens that you will  love!  What you need:

Old jewelry...earrings-necklaces-bracelets

clay pot


sprigs of evergreens

lace  and/or ribbon

glue gun

finishing greenery for top of pot

Take a look at what we did by adding old jewelry we didn't wear anymore, evergreen sprigs and lace to our dining table Christmas trees:

Creating Your Welcome With Sound

Be sure to add the sense of sound to your home's welcome during the holidays. This Christmas Album, by NAN Rhapsody Piano, provides the perfect ambiance for background music at gatherings of friends and family. The DVD has delightful videos sure to entertain guests and fill your welcome with laughter. Get the sounds on our shop or on Amazon and iTunes.

The holiday season is a starlit time to make unique memories and create photographs of your family that lend an enduring welcome to all who enter through your door. We are in love with this shining idea for a family Christmas picture!

We hang stars on trees and place them in garlands...but how much fun would it be to arrange your family in a star shape for a photograph and create a signature welcome from your family to hang in your entryway or place close to your Christmas tree!

Woodland Welcome

As the first snowflakes start to fall, it's the perfect chance to create a woodland and forest welcome in your bathroom. Winter offers a unique moment to bring glades and meadows into your bath area. Your guests will be captivated by the whimsical nature of our Shower Curtains in which Mother Nature welcomes guests to your home.

When the stars come out, and the welcome changes to cozy, you'll need this t-shirt and leggings to settle back in front of the fire to sip on the memories that you are making this Christmas.

Christmas offers its own kind of welcome to us...

No other holiday extends the welcome that Christmas sends to us. An invitation to make many as we want!  Make memories with family and friends amidst twinkling lights, evergreens and tables laden with holiday foods. When the last present is unwrapped, the kids are tucked into bed or the last farewells are said on the driveway or at the airport...what's left...will be the memories. Beyond the evergreens and lights...they will endure. 

Happy holiday happenings! Live inspired.

Nan @lemonspluslife