Lemons Plus Life~Living Beautiful From The Inside Out

Lemons Plus Life~Living Beautiful Inside Out~Home Decor, Fashion & Lifestyle Accessories
Put together a miracle life story, miles of travel and thousands of photographs, an artist and home designer for signature spaces, and you have the company Lemons Plus Life!

Life is all about Lemons Plus Life...the sweet and the sour. The good and the bad. I create home decor, fashion & lifestyle accessories designed to help you make happiness your lifestyle, inspire your creativity in designing your own signature space you call "home", to encourage you, and put your inner & outer beauty center stage with my fashion designs & lifestyle accessories.

For me, home is a special place to renew, refresh and unwind. What we place in our home, fashion we wear, and the lifestyle accessories we choose, should share our unique story, inspire us, soothe our souls, and enhance a lifestyle of happiness and joy.

Believing that your home should be a place of rest and inspiration, a haven of escape from your busy world, I began to create artistic home decor designs to celebrate living in both the sweet and sour days of life. Lemons Plus Life began with my desire to flood your home with lemony sunshine, create a living space reflecting your unique journey and your special welcome home, and to encourage your best living.

Realizing that joy comes from living beautiful from the inside out, my fashion & lifestyle accessories are created to motivate you and reflect the beauty within you, so that in wearing or using them, you adorn yourself in confidence, grace, or that one thing that describes the one and only you.

I'm a Lemons Plus Life kind of girl...always looking for the wonder in even the simple gifts of life and enjoying bringing the wonder of it all into your home, fashion, and lifestyle accessories.

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