Winter gives us this amazing moment in time to "unclutter" and bring a serene palette of whites and naturals into our home decor to match the simplicity of the colors outside. Creating a winter welcome space of whites and naturals, with a variety in shapes and textures and then adding a small pop of color will bring a peaceful vibe into your winter welcome and lifestyle.  

 Contrasting textures mixed with a palette of winter white and naturals brings just the right serene glow to a room. Look around where you live for some of the naturals. Pine Cones? Artful twigs and small branches to drop into your favorite container? Notice here that the bit of color pop is in the turquoise vases. Turquoise is soft whisper color to add to your winter welcome with your home decor accents.  

 Notice the variety of textures and lines in this room! With a serene palette, it still has this gorgeous energy without being boring. The floor rug and marble on fireplace slightly mimic one another. The curves in the horse statue on the coffee table carry your mind to the more soft curves of the mantle bust. The tall arrangement of free form stemmed blooms in the mantle vase give an opposite to the soft pink rose arrangement on the coffee table. All of this gives a serene energy to the room with a soft pop of color in the rose arrangement. And the real jewel? The touch of gold added by the mirror setting on the fireplace. OK. You can do this. Take the elements we just talked about and make it your own, with your own colors, decor items and naturals around you.  



It's probably time to talk about organizing your house, but let's don't. It just wouldn't be fun. So let's talk about something that will have a great aroma, look gorgeous and create a calm, healthy ambiance in your home. 


Lavender Love

Lavender. It's time to fall in love with Lavender. Dried Lavender dropped into your favorite vase or container, will give off this calming aroma and showcase simple, natural beauty. It's the perfect pop of color for winter with it's soft lavender to grayish blooms.  


Lavender DIY

 Gather up a clear vase and a small bunch of artificial Lavender stems. You can find them at your local craft store. Cut the stems apart in the Lavender bunch and drop them into the vase. This is an inexpensive and beautiful quick project that will liven up a winter table space, counter or shelf. Add small black pebbles (also available at local craft store.)

 Say Good-Bye to dreary winter days with your Winter Teacup Garden. This is a great DIY for one of your grandmother's old teacups or any teacup you might find or have on hand. You can go real or artificial. Featured here is a Hyacinth bulb just beginning to bloom. Be sure to add potting soil and then small gravel to the bottom of the teacup if you place a real flower or plant in your teacup for drainage. If you prefer artificial, air plants and succulents look fabulous and you'll just need a small piece of foam wedged in the cup to hold your plant. Both the foam and reindeer moss to finish off the top are available at your local craft store. Here's more that we created at Lemons Plus Life. 

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Think Neutral & White Palette With Different Shapes, Heights and Textures

 White and neutral colors give you such freedom as accents in decorating because having many doesn't become chaotic or cluttered. Group in 1's, 3's and several. This picture offers a great example. A slender, taller pitcher on the left, with a grouping of 3 containers in the middle with different shapes and sizes, and then a stack of several on the right end...with a touch of black as a color pop and to anchor the vignette. The old wooden table they are placed upon gives contrast in texture to the sleek feel and design of the items on the table. You could also achieve that contrast with a wooden tray or burlap table runner. 


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 Shift your perspective on the things you can't fix to new possibilities. Shift your perspective on a past you can't go back and change to a different tomorrow. Shift your perspective on past mistakes to what you have learned and what you will change. Shift your perspective from who has hurt you to forgiveness and moving on. Shift your perspective from living the same ol' same ol' to a brand new day. Shift your perspective from taking days for granted to discovering the wonder in every moment. Shift your perspective from feeling like there's  nothing you can do, to finding and doing the one thing (no matter how small) that you can do to make a difference. Shift your perspective and everything changes.

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